Conscious Joy

At noneedformore, we're dedicated to creating consciously crafted, highest-quality products that bring lasting joy whilst putting our planet and its people at the forefront of our actions. Our mission is to spark happiness, make a positive impact and foster a slightly better world through thoughtful creations.

We are not perfect, but fully transparent.

made to last forever

Highest Quality: Handmade

Our products are handmade and from materials carefully selected to ensure highest quality - made to last. We use 100% organic cotton, organic lavender & spelt husks from family run businesses based in Germany and France.

social responsibility

Local & social

We only work with family run businesses who contribute to the world becoming a little bit better: by caring about their employees, by manufacturing with only regenerative raw materials, by sustainably harvesting organic produce.

environmental responsibility

Minimising CO2 & water consumption

We fully compensate the CO2 emissions by our deliveries with DHL GoGreen. We plan our supply chain carefully to eliminate unnecessary journeys. Our office is fully powered by green energy. We make concious decisions to produce with as little drinking water use as possible (i.e. not dying our cushions saves 20L of drinking water per unit)

Why we exist.

Unplugging from Chaos: A journey to mindful living.

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