Which yoga and meditation cushion is the right one for me?

Which Meditation Cushion is Right for Me?

When you start searching for a meditation cushion, there are various options to consider. But which one is the right choice for you? Here's what matters when selecting your yoga and meditation cushion: The height, The shape, The material, The filling.

Why do you need a Meditation Cushion?

A meditation cushion supports your sitting posture, helping you maintain an upright position. This relieves muscles and joints in your hips, knees, and back, allowing you to meditate longer and more comfortably. So, to avoid being distracted by back or knee pain and focus entirely on your thoughts, your meditation cushion should ensure an upright and comfortable seating position with minimal distraction.

Buying a Meditation Cushion: What height suits me?

The optimal height of your meditation cushion depends on various factors, including your height, flexibility, and preferred sitting position. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right height:

  • For cross-legged or kneeling positions, cushions ranging from 10 to 18 cm in height are suitable for about 85% of practitioners, both beginners and advanced, with varying hip flexibility and body sizes.
  • The height can be adjusted according to individual needs by removing or adding filling material.
  • Our meditation cushions can be adjusted between 10-15 cm in height.
  • For individuals over 1.80m tall, cushions over 20cm in height are usually more suitable - ours are 10-15cm high, so unfortunately less suitable for you unless you are very flexible in the hips and 15cm is sufficient for you.
  • For the (real) lotus position with completely crossed legs, cushions with a height of 7 to 10 cm are suitable. However, since this position is quite challenging and often uncomfortable, especially for most people, we advise against it during meditation. It's not a competition for the most flexible hips; rather, we should find time and space for ourselves.

Buying a Round Meditation Cushion: What shape should my meditation cushion have?

Round meditation cushions are a popular choice as they provide versatile support for various sitting positions. You can use round meditation cushions for cross-legged, half-lotus, or kneeling positions. A round yoga cushion helps you maintain an upright and comfortable posture during meditation. There are also crescent-shaped or square meditation cushions - these are only suitable for the cross-legged or lotus position in an advanced variant and not for the kneeling position. That's why we opted for a round cushion - essentially an all-rounder that supports you in all sitting positions.

Buying a Meditation Cushion: What filling is best?

Our yoga cushions are filled with organic spelt husks from an organic bakery. If you like, you can also choose to add lavender for a gentle lavender scent. Other common fillings for meditation and yoga cushions are usually buckwheat hulls or kapok.
We chose organic spelt husks for our filling for various reasons. Spelt husks are the outer shell of spelt grain, a natural by-product in spelt flour production.

  • Organic spelt husks: They are soft, adaptable yet firm, molding to your body.
    Spelt husks are lightweight, resulting in fewer emissions during transport (the heavier the load, the more fuel is consumed).
  • Spelt husks are a natural by-product and can compost back to the earth 100%. We don't want to use plastic in our products, so we chose this natural filling.
  • They smell good. Our fresh spelt husks have a wonderful, gentle scent, reminiscent of a really good traditional bakery.

The other fillings are not better or worse, just a matter of personal preference. Kapok is a cotton-like plant fiber, so it's rather soft and "squishy", too soft for a stable meditation cushion, and buckwheat is a bit heavier and tends to make more noise when sitting, which is why we decided against it.


Organic spelt husk and organic lavender filling for a gentle lavender scent

Optionally, you can choose an organic spelt husk & organic lavender flower mixture as filling for your yoga cushion from us. We love the scent that greets us every morning in our studio, and we're sure you'll love it too!

Buying a Yoga Cushion: What material is right?

Cotton, linen, organic cotton, corduroy, what's the right choice? There's no right or wrong answer here. But we can tell you why we chose very thick & heavy organic cotton:

  • Thick organic cotton is durable and fully circular. No one wants to buy things twice because after 2 years the fabric has sagged or become unsightly. Our fabric is therefore thick and of high quality so you can enjoy your meditation cushion forever.
  • Why organic cotton instead of conventional cotton? Isn't both plant-based and good for the environment? Clear no.
    Please choose organic cotton whenever possible and you have the choice. Organic cotton consumes 46% less CO2, 91% less drinking water, and 62% less primary energy. This is because no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are allowed to be used, which are massively environmentally damaging and resource-intensive. In addition, by choosing organic cotton, you contribute to the cotton farmers living healthier and more sustainable lives, as they are not exposed to pesticides and can work independently of large companies. (Monsanto and Co...)

Summary: Finding the right Yoga Cushion for you

Choosing the right meditation cushion is crucial for your meditation experience. Make sure the cushion supports your sitting position, is comfortable, and made of high-quality materials, preferably thick organic cotton. A round cushion is a universal cushion suitable for almost all sitting positions. If you are under 1.80m tall and have average flexibility, a cushion between 10-15cm is ideal for you. Whenever possible, opt for organic cotton and organic fillings, for the sake of the environment and our fellow human beings in the cotton industry. Do you love lavender as much as we do? Then consider whether you want to opt for our filling of spelt husks and lavender.