Our Story

Hey you wonderful being,

noneedformore was born out of the realisation that all the things we believe to make us happy and content, might not live up to those expectations all the time and for everyone: be that the next promotion, wealth, appreciation by others or anything else we've been directed to thrive for in life.

With noneedformore I want to enable more of the other moments which bring us joy in life. 

The moments when we feel connected to ourselves and our loved ones.

The small ones. 

The hours or minutes we think back to at the end of a week and our mind goes: "that was a beautiful moment".  

My purpose is to create joy with the planet and its people in mind:

  • With a truly socially and environmentally responsible production from the very start to finish, that doesn't retrofit a "sustainable" label for sales purposes, but with the sincere intention and dedication to do it right. 
  • Only highest quality creations which last a human lifetime but decompose to become soil later.
  • Responsible use of resources, which benefit local communities and not large corporations and their shareholders. 

I will not always get everything right. But I want to be fully transparent and do my very best.


Let's create more purposefully and consume more consciously. 

Sending hugs,