• 1. Beginning with Purpose

    At noneedformore, our mission is to positively impact the lives of our community as well as that of the people involved in crafting our products.

  • 2. Seeking Responsible Production

    99% of cotton comes from Asia. Initially considering assembly in Europe, we realised it didn't guarantee an environmentally-conscious nor fairly paid workers in the supply chain, given the complexities of cotton product creation.

  • 3. Deliberate Choices for Sustainability

    To minimise emissions, support organic cotton farming in India, and promote ethical working conditions, we've made intentional decisions in crafting our Certified Organic Yoga Cushions at a family owned business in South India.

  • 4. Finished in Germany

    Our cushions are ironed and filled in Wiesbaden (by me, Alina) with organic spelt and lavender from Germany and France. This way we only ship the cushion covers from India, reducing emissions by >90%.

Social responsibility

Supporting Organic Cotton Farmers in India

Our commitment to sustainability begins with supporting organic cotton farmers in India. By doing so, we help reduce their reliance on large corporations that sell genetically modified seeds and harmful pesticides and fertilisers. These do not only harm the soil but more severely, they harm the local communities' health. Our decision empowers farmers to be more self-reliant and safeguards them and their family from exposure to toxic substances. The more brands source 100% organic cotton, the more farmers can thrive in a self-determined fashion and harvest their land sustainably.

Carbon footprint

46% lower carbon footprint

Organic cotton reduces the carbon footprint by 46%, emitting just 978kg of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) per tonne, compared to 1,808kg for conventional cotton. This is achieved by minimizing synthetic inputs like fertilizers and pesticides.

CO2 Emissions

CO2 Minimised Transport Routes

To minimise carbon emissions, we've strategically chosen a cotton mill and sewing location right next to the cotton farm. This geographical proximity significantly reduces transport distances, meaning fewer carbon emissions and a lighter environmental footprint. Our approach to production eliminates unnecessary stop-overs. With a direct journey from India to Germany and then to your doorstep, our yoga cushions cover minimal distances, reducing emissions associated with additional transport legs. If we would have chosen a factory in Europe sewing our cushions, there would have been another shipping stop-over in the process, which we were able to avoid by choosing a small factory in South India which is located right next to the cotton mill. 

energy consumption

62% lower primary energy demand

Organic cotton exhibits a 62% lower primary energy demand, consuming approximately 5,800 Mj (megajoules) per tonne. This remarkable energy efficiency results from the absence of manufactured fertilizers, derived from petrochemicals, which carry a high energy demand.

Social impact

Certified Ethical and Fair Working Conditions

Our yoga cushions are sewn in a small factory that adheres to European standards, ensuring good working conditions, fair wages, and social protection for the workers. To maintain this certification, the facility undergoes annual assessments by the certification body, guaranteeing ethical and responsible practices.

water usage

91% lower drinking water consumption

Organic cotton demonstrates a remarkable 91% reduction in blue water consumption, using only 180 cubic meters per tonne, mainly from rainwater or soil moisture. In contrast, conventional cotton requires 2,120 cubic meters, conserving water resources.

water usage

Environmentally-Friendly (Non-) Dying

We've made a conscious decision not to dye our cushions. By keeping them in their natural cotton color, we save a remarkable 20 liters of water per cushion – a small choice that makes a big impact on water consumption. This also means, that there is no toxic waste water entering our ecosystem therefore supporting to hold up biodiversity. Plus, the natural cotton color is simply magnificent in its own right.


70% less acid gases

Acidification, where acid gases enter the air and are absorbed by nature, is reduced by 70% in organic cotton. It emits only 5.7kg of SO2e (sulphur dioxide equivalent) per tonne, compared to 18.7kg in conventional cotton. This reduction is due to fewer chemicals, irrigation, and machinery usage.

soil protection

26% better soil protection

Eutrophication, which leads to nutrient enrichment and water pollution, is reduced by 26% in organic cotton. It emits only 2.8kg of PO43 (phosphate equivalents) per tonne, compared to 3.8kg in conventional cotton. Organic systems employ strong soil protection methods that prevent soil erosion and eutrophication."

noneedformore - Consciously Crafted Yoga Cushions

At noneedformore, we're all about transparency. When we set out to create our yoga cushions, we did so with a clear mission in mind: to make a positive impact on the planet and the people who make our products possible.

Our journey began with a simple yet crucial question:

How can we create yoga cushions that are not just comfortable but also responsible, from start to finish?

Our initial thought was to produce locally in Europe, believing that it would automatically result in a better overall supply chain. However, as we dug deeper into the intricacies of production, we discovered that sewing a product in Europe doesn't necessarily mean that its entire supply chain is environmentally or ethically sound.

You see, crafting a cotton product involves several critical stages – from planting and harvesting cotton to milling, weaving, sewing, and finally, packaging. Any cotton product sewn in Europe may have traveled thousands of air or sea kilometers, emitting carbon dioxide, consuming water, and involving numerous individuals along the way. This realisation led us to seek a more rational and eco-conscious approach.

By choosing our Certified Organic Yoga Cushions, you're not only investing in your yoga practice but also in a more sustainable world. We believe in transparency, and every choice we make reflects our commitment to responsible craftsmanship, environmental conservation, and supporting communities both near and far.

Experience yoga cushions designed with intention and transparency. Join us on this journey towards a more mindful and eco-conscious practice.

To minimise emissions and make a genuine difference, we made several deliberate choices which you can read about on this page.