Hey there, your curiosity has led you here, now what do you need to do with this tag? ;-) 

Before you start, STOP reading whats written on the tag, otherwise it spoils a little bit of the fun. 

Remember those paper games you played in school? Paper fortune tellers, chatterbox, however you called it. This is what you will make out of this tag before it is going to the bin. 

How to fold:

Take a look at the illustration below.

1. Start with the black & white side up. Make two main folds diagonally, open again. (This should fold it along the dotted diagonal lines on the colour page) 
2. Fold the 4 corners of the tag to the inside. You should now see the moon and the sun facing you. 
3. Flip the tag, you should now see the colourful side.
4. Fold the corners to the inside center again. You should now see the numbers facing up. 
5. Now fold in half in both directions and then try to place you fingers in the pockets that open up on the other side. 
6. Play! Make someone pick a number then open and read them their little message. 

fortune teller paper instructions